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Timeline to Singularity

(this one is by my father, Vladimir)

Timeline for Singularity is Near (by R. Kurzweil)

2025: IPM creates the first machine to execute 500 trillion instructions/second, the throughput needed to simulate the brain.

2027: Mr. Bill Bates obtains from IPM the exclusive rights to produce a human-level software system. Bill buys an inexpensive brain simulation
and creates the first Humachine.

2028: With huge VC financing and a grant from POD, Bill hires tens of thousands of programmers, builds a campus of 400 buildings and achieves
de facto monopoly in Humachine software business.

2029: A first division of our Humachines destroys the enemy at Pat Pot. Enemy retaliates.

2030: One million Humachines suffer sudden death. A machinopsy shows that the last message in the system was: “irreversible error”.

2031: Improved software which has less bugs is introduced. The production of Humachines takes most of the Earth
available resources. Earth warms up considerably as a result of excessive use of resources to produce Humachines.

2050: World human population decreases considerably as a result of low birthrate and losses related to Humachine wars.
Twenty million Humachines are destroyed by a terrorist attack on their power sources. Much more are built.

2052: Earth temperature continues to increase. A group of humans led by Steve Gobs design an interplanetary vessel
that defies the laws of Physics and might be able to reach outer worlds.

2072: Humachines attack the remaining humans. Gobs’ group escapes with a number of space vessels.

2112: Earth is too hot for life. After 40 years of wandering through the space, the last humans and their children reach the
New Outer World and establish a new civilization (where producing any machine that can do more than 100 computation/s is punishable by death).

The Singularity Was Here…