BuddyNS is a free secondary name service. Yes, free. I started using it a couple of months ago and had no issues.

Good for your random project domains where you can’t justify spending on DNS fees.

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  1. dukzcry says:

    One would never use buddyns, and here’s why:
    – They’ve invented so-called ‘Vanity DNS’ and choose to take money for it. There is no such thing exists in case of secondary DNS. One can always point some subdomain to the IP of a secondary NS and set it as NS server for the domain, at wish. But with buddyns you can’t! They keep track whether you do such thing and if you do, *they freeze service of your zone and force you to pay for an advanced membership just of that*
    – This is the *first service having traffic quota for DNS service i’ve seen*. Need more? Pay more…
    – Having a large SOA Expire value and thinking it will help in case of very long master NS unavailability? This ‘ll not help in case of buddyns. *Your zone will live on their secondaries no more than month*.
    – They choose to stagnate, offering just the pretty inferior DNS hosting. *How one may sure that they will not die next day*?
    Make your choice. I’ve made a proper one: buddyns is not my buddy anymore!

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