Nano-Ethics and Spirituality

Dr. Donald Bruce, writes an article titled Faster, Higher, Stronger in the first issues of Nano Now. In response, Chris Phoenix takes issue with Dr. Bruce’s perceived ethical fallacies.

I think one of the major deficiencies in Dr. Bruce’s article is the false dichotomy between material improvement and spiritual improvement.  Living longer, better, with more access to information and in richer personal networks allows one to spend more effort and be supported on the path to spiritual growth.  For example, one may speculate, that a novice yoga practitioner who’s body has been suitably enhanced (e.g. through biofeedback or by being more limber) will be aided on their path.

Another false dichotomy is criticizing the initial cost of a technology and limited adoption. Computers were very expensive at first. However, if we didn’t develop them because of the limited initial availability, we would not reach the current inclusive situation.

One may also speculate that the discomfort some Christian believers experience with their bodies may indispose them to mind/body synergistic growth.  Buddhists, on the other hand, may be more amenable to technologically enhanced mind/body improvement.

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